IEC are now Approved to Install under the BUS “Boiler Upgrade Scheme”

IEC have been notified that as a company they can install air source heat pump systems under the BUS Scheme and offer the discount of £5,000 per installation which is claimed back by the company. This includes replacing oil/gas boilers in current properties or self-build projects which meet the following eligibility criteria:

> All properties have to have had an EPC “Energy Performance Certificate” issued within the 10 years (with no recommendations for loft or cavity wall insulation)

>Self-Build projects will need to provide supporting documents –

>Proof of property ownership (eg a copy of title deeds, contract of sale)
>Documents confirming a self-build VAT exemption or receipt of a self-build loan or
>An invoice for substantial structural materials (eg foundations or timber frame)
>Self-build insurance
>Planning permission documents
>Invoices or contracts for builders or tradespeople
>Bank statements

Please feel free to contact us via the web enquiry form to discuss if you are eligible to install an air source heat pump system through the BUS Scheme.

Please click the link for further information on the scheme:

June 14, 2022 4:36 pm

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